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Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Edibles are a passion of mine, however I am not a chef. For me it's a lot of trial and error, I get a lot of inspiration and guidance from a lot of different sources.



6 grams of decarbed herb

1 cup of 33% whipping cream

mason jar

slow cooker



  1. Decarb the cannabis. I did 250°f for 32 min. The following link is the chart I use as a guideline.

  2. While the herb is in the oven, put cream in a mason jar, cover with tin foil then put the lid on. Place in slower cooker on low fill slow cooker with water.

  3. Once the herb is ready add it to the mason jar of cream. Put the tin foil and lid back on. Place in the slow cooker. I cook the cream on low for 6 hours. I mix it up every hour. It comes out really thick.

  4. After 6 hours remove from heat, allow to cool, enough for you to handle the jar comfortably.

  5. Strain the cream. Allow to completely cool. Store in the fridge.

  6. ENJOY

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