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Are you a 420 enthusiast with a passion for books?  Then this book club is for you. *Please note these are publisher buy backs. Each book is new but has

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Septembers Book

  • The Hass and Inn Cahoots  

September's Books

The Hass and 

Inn Cahoots

Dan Megail is a Vietnam-era Navy veteran....1964-1967 where in Barcelona, he first smoked cannabis. Dan attended the University of Iowa from 1967 to 1973, where dealing in cannabis in both large and small amounts became the soup du jour. While attending University he met Edie Vonnegut who directed him towards Jamaica in the early 70s. This led to the beginning of "The Dream" of returning North by sailing (200lbs) with the best sativa in the world. In 1988 the farm that he was living at was raided, leading to the charge of the largest cannabis grow-op in that States history, yet he escaped arrest by going on the run to Canada for 29 years. There he grew cannabis for seed production, was arrested in 2013 and sent to prison for two years. After serving his time in Canada he was deported in shackles back to the United States to face charges originating in 1988 for cannabis production, where he was given five years in prison at the age of 68. Since his release he has written four books, The Hass and Inn Cahoots is the first to be released, the costs of its self publication raised online. The author is 74 years old and lives with his wife in Western Kentucky.

October's Books

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