The October Box - Bongology

The October Box - Bongology


This box is great for anyone thats hands on.  Bongology is a  hip manual for today’s DIY smoker—featuring 35 ingenious projects for crafting unique bongs from watering cans, pineapples, electric fans, and more—is perfect for penny-pinching stoners, eco-conscious cannabis rights advocates, and creative tokers ready for the bong revolution. So bust out those household materials and get crafting! With pimped up projects made from unexpected objects, this colorful book and the wares it produces will keep you chuckling—and tokin’—for hours. Yes, Grasshopper: Bongology is the way for artistic—or just plain crazy—stoners like yourself to take your craft to the “highest” level.  Don't worry I've got you covered while you're crafting.  Featuring a  5"bent apple rosewood Shire Pipe.


This box includes

  • the 5" Shire Pipe
  • Bongology

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