The Essentials Holiday Box

The Essentials Holiday Box


This 420 holiday gift box contains all the stoner essentials needed!


This box is jammed packed & ready to gift!

-Puff Puff Pass Chillum

-King Palms 5 Mini Rolls

-Juicy Hemp Wrap

-Juicy Jay Jones random

-V Syndicate Grinder Card


-Papers random x 3

-Dentyne Ice x 4

- Candy Canes x 5

-Rolo Snax 50g x 2

-Snyder's Pretzel 60g x 2

-Munchies Peanuts 55g x 2

- Colgate Total Whitening 120ml

-Visine for Red Eyes

-Mentos x 2

-Jack Links 25g x 2