Buds, Bees & Butterflies April 20 2020

Updated: Apr 24

It's always been a dream of mine to have a beautiful garden, filled with butterflies. Over the last few years it has been brought to our attention, BEES are in TROUBLE. The situation is dire. A world without honeybees, and other pollinators would be devastating. I am finally lucky enough to be in a place, where I can not only have the garden of my dreams, I can do my tiny part to help the bees. I've been looking at different flowers, specifically to attract bees and butterflies. I think I've decided on some.

Now here comes the cannabis. I have some random seeds I've collected over the years, so this year I've decided to try growing some outdoors. A study from Colorado University found that bees are very attracted to male cannabis plants. I have thought about keeping the males and setting them outside, but I fear a neighbor may be growing out side and I'd hate to ruin the grow, so i will not be keeping the males. So fingers crossed I get females to add to the garden. Join me on my journey.

Day 1 April 20 2020

Putting in the garden. My first step was picking the perfect spot for the garden. I've decide on a 10' x 8' plot. Removing the grass was a little more intense than I planned. That was enough work for day one!! I finished the day with, cleaning up the yard, designing the garden and looking at flowers. I'm trying out the Microsoft template I found, once I figure it out I'll post that as well. I had to restrain myself from racking up the dead grass and leaves. Since staring this I've learned you do not want to do that first clean up until it has reached a consistent temperature of 10°C for 10 days in a row.


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