Just the Munchies !

Just the Munchies

Just the Munchies


Looking for an elevated box?

Then check out

Munchies  Eh!

timbits cereal 

A true Canadian favorite.  The best coffee and baked goods some might even say! And now you can try what all the rage is about!  Munchies Eh? features a 311g box of Birthday Cake cereal.

The Post Timbits birthday cake cereal is seen in this image. (Post Foods Canada)


Lays Ketchup

You've got to try the fresh, tangy tomatoy (ya that's a word) goodness of Lay’s®.  We know a thing or two about great taste and we love our Ketchup! Time to delight family and friends with the crunchy, savory, flavor that is loved by Canadians!

Coffee Crisp

Alternating layers of vanilla wafer and a foamy light coffee-flavored soft candy, covered with a milk chocolate outer layer. 



Famous for their wine gums,

this has to be the ultimate Canadian Candy!

Did you know..................... that wine gums were introduced in 1909 by Maynard's son

Charles Gordon Maynard.

Wine gums do not contain wine.

This box features both the Wine Gums and The Swedish Fish.

Hickory Sticks 

These salty and smoky chips are another Canadian classic, with a flavor that's unmatched.


Hot Rod

 These sweet-and-salty dried meat sticks are fermented and dried for the ideal amount of time to create a delightful jerky-like texture. Made of beef and chicken perfectly seasoned with a blend of spices make these  a delicious treat.  Since 1890, Schneiders® has made high-quality cured meat with authentic, family recipes, and still uses the same techniques and recipes today. Quality never gets old.
 Uncompromising commitment to quality standards.


Real milk chocolate filled with tiny bubbles that melt deliciously in your mouth! You are gonna love this!!!

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