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Who am I?  I am mom, artisan, electrician, event planner and a  cannabis connoisseur.  Like most of us, I have done a little bit of everything. I started out delivering mail and bartending.  Along one of my mail roots, I was offered the job of running the cafe and daily activities of a seniors home. Eventually I became community manager, then went on to work for another seniors retirement residence as Director of Recreation. After 7 years of working in retirement communities I became restless. That's when I decided to follow my dream take a leap of faith and become an electrician.  It has been great unfortunately Alberta hit a rough patch and I became unemployed. So I've decided once again to follow a dream take another leap of faith, and open wrapped-up. 

What's wrapped-up?

It's everything I love. Cannabis, gifts, and parties. 


My monthly themed boxes are put together to enhance your cannabis experience.  They are perfect for gifting. Every piece is high quality, and they come beautifully wrapped.

Exclusive to Edmonton - Cannabis Themed Parties

Looking to throw a Cannabis themed bachelorette, or birthday party? Let me help you plan that.  Decorations, music, food I've got it covered.

Wanting to throw a cannabis infused dinner party?  From hiring a private red seal chef to renting a private space for up to 12 people I can help you plan that.

Wanting a Grow Room? 

I can also help you with that.  I can recommend for a reputable, licensed Master Electrician for all your wiring needs as well as a licensed contractor with growing experience to get the job done right.

My Philosophy is simple.  Provide quality products that I can be proud of.  Provide customer service that will make you happy you came to wrapped-up.

“Humans are givers by nature; that's why it's easier to do something for another than for oneself. Try it, you'll see what I mean.”
― Charbel Tadros


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